I also love Madonna

I’m writing this post long before anyone is likely to see it but feel quite moved to share this video with you and – with it – another part of my beauty story.


I can’t explain why but I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. We’re talking pre-teen here.

I’ve always found Madge unbelievably beautiful. As a kid and teenager, I’ve tried to dress like her and do my hair and makeup like her. Obviously, I looked NOTHING like her.

But she’s absolutely one of my beauty icons. I’m less impressed with her these days because she’s refusing to grow old gracefully and appears to have had some kind of cosmetic procedure on her face.

But I’ll always love Madge.

Frequently on a Friday night (this may become a regular item on the blog) I watch a Madge video or 10.

At the time of writing this post I’ve watched the following video five times in a row. I’m not sure I’ve EVER watched a YouTube video that many times in a row.

What struck me here is that she appears to be HAVING THE TIME OF HER LIFE.

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