Liquid or powder foundation?

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Above: My beloved Lancôme Translucence Face Powder

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a powder gal.

Though, I do recall my first foundation was given to me by my mum and was completely the wrong (tanned) shade from Clinique. But I still loved and wore it.

My first foundation purchase was probably a nasty orange liquid from Rimmel when I was 13.

But ever since, I’ve been a powder foundation gal.

As a teenager I was a big fan of The Body Shop’s All in One Face Base (which I recently repurchased but returned after realising the shade was far too pale and none of their shades were right for me now. It had worked just fine when I was a goth!)

I was a devout MAC Studio Fix fan for years but at some point it seemed way too cakey and heavy and fell into the lines on my face.

I’ve used all sorts but my holy grail foundation is Lancôme’s Translucence Face Powder which isn’t a foundation at all, apparently, and can be worn over liquid, though I’ve never tried.

The Lancôme stuff is fairly expensive so I recently shopped for a budget version (hence the repurchasing of The Body Shop’s Face Base).

I ended up with Flower Beauty’s Powder Trip Powder Foundation. I like it and it only costs CA $10. Sadly, though, I just couldn’t wean myself off my beloved Lancôme so back I went.

In the meantime I also picked up MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder which – according to their website – is “Formulated to provide a smooth, virtually invisible, fresh-looking finish, this soft, cream-like powder is carefully blended to provide the skin with extra care, nourishment and comfort.”

And I really like it.

For me, almost every liquid foundation I try seems to:

(a) take too long to apply and

(b) emphasize every line and pore on my face.

Someone recently gave me a sample of Clinique’s new 2-in-1 Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer.


I was expecting to hate it. I mean, look at that gross bottle for a start. And that silly applicator. Pffft!

But I didn’t hate it.

In fact I totally loved it. It provided a lovely matte finish which stayed looking lovely all day.

I’ve yet to invest in the full size yet but I will at the end of summer.

I have a growing list of foundations and powders on my makeup ‘want’ list.

What kind of base do you use? Are you a powder or liquid gal (or guy)?

I’d love to hear about your foundation experiences.


  1. Liquid! I’ve had dry skin for ages and power foundation makes me look like Boris Karloff in The Mummy. But I usually only ever use CC cream and Kat Von D’s tattoo concealer. My Native genes give me a face like a baby so I usually just sun protect it. 😀

      1. Lots of long-term coverage! And it’s really good for my dry skin and doesn’t look flakey on my forehead or wherever I put it. I only use it on my red bits but I am really happy with it.

  2. Clinique Superpowder all the way right now. Matte Ivory in the winter Matte Neutral in the summer. Though on special occassions I bust out the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and top it with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder (originally purchased for my wedding). It takes an age to apply nicely though, so that doesn’t happen very often. I’m a ‘swipe n run’ lady when it comes to foundation. I want to try your Lancome stuff now though. x

    1. I’ve used (and liked) the Clinique Superpowder before but I don’t remember why I stopped using it. How do you apply the Studio Fix Fluid? Fingers, sponge or brush? And what’s the mineral powder like?

  3. I use a brush. I had a make-up lesson from a MAC person and she told me many secrets, one of which was brushing on liquid foundation is THE only way to get success. It does look pretty damn flawless. The powder is great to seal the foundation but I would never use it alone, I need more coverage.

    1. I’ve tried applying liquid with a brush but I never have much success. My favourite method is with a sponge. I even apply concealer with a little sponge.

  4. I bought a very expensive foundation brush from my friend at the MAC counter. It was much bigger than you might expect. Little brushes that come with make up when you buy it should all be thrown in the bin. They are the worst application tools ever.

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