My favourite YouTube beauty vloggers

Whenever I’m preparing to buy a new makeup or skin care product I go through a series of steps to research the item before I buy it.

I’ll always consult the Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun. And then I usually turn to YouTube and Google for reviews and swatches etc.

In the last six months or so I’ve been watching YouTube beauty vloggers more and more. I subscribe to a small number of users whose videos I rely on.

I watch videos from loads of other vloggers but these peeps are my favourite.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is a British makeup artist. He has over two million subscribers on YouTube. His videos are no-nonsense. He often applies makeup to his own face in his videos and rarely minces words.


Pixiwoo are two British sisters – Nic and Sam Chapman – with close to two million YouTube subscribers. They’re also the brains behind Real Techniques brushes (my favourite affordable brand of brushes).

Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna (or Vivianna) is yet another British beauty blogger I love. She’s as cute as a button and a total beauty junkie. I also subscribe to her blog. She has over 300K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Hot and Flashy

Angie is an over-50 vlogger. I discovered her when I was searching specifically for peeps who didn’t look 12. Products wear so differently on younger skin and – being 40 – I need the advice of more ‘sage’ beauty bloggers. Angie is very thorough in her videos and really good for showing before and after shots. She also tends to actually use the products on camera rather than just talking about them. Angie has over 62K subscribers.

Beauty and the Boutique

Katie is another no-nonsense British makeup artist who tends to actually use products in her videos rather than just talking about them. She also has a website which sells some fab stuff. She has approx. 37K subscribers.

Miss Budget Beauty

I don’t know much about this lady other than she’s another fab British YouTuber. I’ve only recently started watching her videos. She has over 66K subscribers.

Where do you turn for beauty advice? Who are your favourite beauty vloggers?

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