Beauty Blender sponge: miracle tool


For ages, lots of vloggers have been on about the Beauty Blender sponge.

I’ve always applied concealer and foundation with a small wedge sponge. The Beauty Blender looked so big and weird to me that I had no desire to try it out.

You hear lots of advice about how to apply foundation and concealer. Many makeup artists and cosmetics brands recommend a brush. Which I’ve tried. Y’know, a proper foundation brush and stuff and it always looked awful.

I figured my skin was just past it and I was getting old and could no longer wear liquid foundation. It sank into pores and creases and made me feel ugly so I stuck to powder.


I got sucked in by the marketing hype, dolled out $26 (FOR A SPONGE! Do you know how many little wedge sponges I can buy for $26?).

I picked up the Beauty Blender from Sephora. It looked cute but totally unimpressive. I was absolutely prepared to be disappointed.

You run the sponge under water, squeezing it until the sponge inflates in size. Then squeeze out the water and blot with paper towel and it’s ready to use.

I stick a bit of concealer on the back of my hand and dab it under my eyes with my fingers then I grab the Beauty Blender and bounce it over the concealer.

The result is flawless!

Not only that, you can use the Beauty Blender to apply your powder too and it looks AMAZING. Yes, with a damp sponge. Never use it dry.

You NEED one of these things.

But beware … there are hundreds of supposed ‘dupes’ available in the drugstore and supermarket. Don’t be fooled by them. They might be half the price but they’re nowhere near as good.

After watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading blog posts, it looks like the Real Techniques Miracle Foundation Sponge is as close to the original Beauty Blender as you’re gonna get. So, obviously, I bought one of those too.


The Real Techniques sponge is less than $10 at Walmart and performs beautifully too. Same method: run under water, squeeze, blot, go.

I’ve now thrown out all of my little wedge sponges. I’m SO glad I bought the Beauty Blender. It’s entirely changed how I feel about my skin.

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