Hunt for the best cream blush

GOSH Giant Blush

Above: GOSH Giant Blush in a goddamn stick

I decided that this summer I wanted to wear cream blusher.

I recently bought MAC’s Face and Body Foundation which is more like a tinted moisturizer and looks very ‘skin-like.’

I didn’t really want to be adding pink powder to my face. I didn’t like the idea of sweating in it.

And so I set about searching online for the best cream blush.

I picked up NYX Rouge Cream Blush on Friday because it was recommended by Paula’s Choice – it even made her ‘Best of the Best’ list – and it’s fairly inexpensive (around $11 CA).

After wearing it for the first time yesterday, I noticed it had completely vanished by the end of the day. Not particularly helpful.

And so my hunt for the best cream blush began.

My number one criteria was that it had to be long-lasting. Preferably waterproof. It couldn’t be a stick or a stain (too awkward to apply).

I tried to find a good drugstore product and Revlon’s Cream Blush was repeatedly mentioned but I didn’t like the limited colour selection.

Many Google search pages and blog reviews later, I had narrowed it down to four:

(1) Le Blush Crème de Chanel
(2) Makeup Forever HD Blush
(3) Laura Mercier Crème Cheek Colour
(4) Bourjois Cream Blush

The first three are ridiculously expensive (I’m not even going to include the prices here because I’m so ashamed). Suffice to say, I was willing to shell out a small fortune if it meant the blush stayed put.

I got to the store and headed straight for the Chanel counter. I was pretty sure this was the one coming home with me.

Chanel Cream blush Chamade


I was told by the sales assistant that this blush was being discontinued and replaced by a stick version. I swatched some on the back of my hand and told her I was off to Sephora to look at two others on my list.

Sephora didn’t have the Laura Mercier one. I didn’t think they would because it’s not listed on their website. And I didn’t like the Makeup Forever blush. It rubbed off pretty easily after I’d let it ‘set’ for a while and I wasn’t super keen on the colour range.

I swatched a bunch of other products not on my list, none of which I liked apart from BECCA’s Beach Tint which is indeed waterproof. But it comes in a goddamn tube! I don’t want a goddamn tube. This tint is tenacious stuff though. After wiping everything off the back of my hand, the BECCA tint didn’t budge.

Still, I wasn’t sold on it.

The only other product that didn’t budge was the Chanel one. Which made my decision pretty easy … that Chanel baby is coming home with me. How often do I buy blush anyway? Once every few years. Who cares if they’re discontinuing it.

But when I got back to the Chanel counter, the lady told me they’d sold the last one. My dream was crushed.

By now, I was determined to get a fucking cream blush so I went to Shoppers Drug Mart. I looked at all the brands, including the Revlon Blush which I naughtily stuck my finger into (no tester available) and discovered it was shit anyway.

Finally the only blush which didn’t wipe off easily was GOSH Giant Blush which comes in a goddamn stick. So I bought it.

I’ll let you know how it wears.

Do you use a cream blush? Got any favourites?

UPDATE: After wearing it all day yesterday (and having a total #blushfail because I put too much on) I can confirm this stuff stays on well. Today I dabbed a bit on my finger and patted it on to my cheeks. This worked much better. I look like less of a clueless moron.

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