Summer face: sheer powders from Joe Fresh and Revlon


Along with my lipstick changes I usually switch to a much lighter face powder in summer.

My absolute holy grail face powder is Lancôme’s Translucence powder but I find it a tinsy bit heavy during the summer months.

I ride my bike a lot and I sweat a lot. I don’t like the feeling of makeup on my sweaty face. My go-to alternative powder has been MAC Blot Powder but I felt like a change this year. My blot powder hit pan long ago and ran out so I went on the hunt for something new.

While I was in Superstore buying groceries I happened to spend an inordinate amount of time in their beauty section. They have a nail bar and a mascara bar and SO MANY NAIL POLISHES I almost hyperventilated.

They also have the fabulous Joe Fresh brand which includes a deliciously designed skincare and cosmetics line (coming to Shoppers Drug Mart in spring 2016 apparently).

After tapping away on my phone to find reviews of their translucent loose powder I came across a recommendation on the Beauty Editor blog which was good enough for me. So was the price tag. $8.

The Joe Fresh loose powder is lovely. If you’re looking for a powder to wear over foundation or on its own, this is a great choice. It doesn’t give a lot of coverage but it sits on the skin beautifully.


It comes in a small pot but it has a nice lid which packs everything down to stop you making a mess. And you don’t need to use much.


I prefer to carry around a pressed powder rather than loose so I also picked up Revlon’s Nearly Naked Pressed Powder ($16 CA plus tax) and am equally in love with the finish.

The Revlon powder comes with a crappy little puff which I’d toss out if I were you. I used a big powder brush to apply mine. But I’m also going to dig out a round sponge.


The Revlon packaging is rectangular and an absolute bitch to open. Even getting the sticky plastic label off the box was hard and left a tacky residue. BUT the powder itself is fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for.

Just like the Joe Fresh powder, the result is elegant. Not cakey or powdery. Coverage is sheer. I got the colour Light 020.

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