MAC Extended Play Lash: my new favourite mascara

Liz Hover beauty Winnipeg Canada MAC Extended Play lash mascara

I recently bought MAC’s Extended Play mascara after reading great reviews about it.

My problem with most other mascara’s I own is the brush size: it’s usually too big and I end up poking myself in the eye.

MAC’s Extended Play Lash has a very slim brush perfect for smaller eyes and mediocre lashes because it allows you to get right in there and coat every lash.

I don’t use an eyelash curler (I did, for years, but managed to wean myself of it). I have very straight lashes, so curl or lift from mascara alone is another key benefit I want from my mascara. And, luckily, Extended Play delivers.

I don’t think this mascara is for everyone. If you want loads of volume, you’re not going to get it here. It’s the perfect defining and lengthening mascara.

It’s also, apparently, waterproof but I haven’t tested out that claim.

[UPDATE: I recently rode my bike home from work in a torrential downpour while wearing this mascara and can report this is not 100% waterproof. While it doesn’t drip black streaks down your cheeks like regular mascara does when you add water, it does slide off in little tubes. Don’t wear this and go swimming!]

Since posting about my favourite mascaras, I’ve bought loads of drugstore mascaras (because apparently I have a mascara addiction). And they were all a bit crap really.

MAC’s Extended Play is a total winner and $20 well spent.


  1. OK heading directly out to buy it tomorrow (maaaaybe tonight). Also I must say your skin looks flawless. Like perfection. Maybe I also need to get myself some of the MAC foundation you recommended….

    1. Horrah! We have a little photo editing to thank for the condition of my skin. I only used some crappy Microsoft photo editor but apparently this filter gives me great skin. I’m actually wearing MAC Face and Body Foundation here not the new one I love but you can’t go wrong with it.

    1. I’ve never been tempted to try that mascara Emma. I know that lots of peeps love it. I’m not a massive Benefit fan. Never say never …

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