MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation review


I’ve always been a powder gal. Always.

The biggest change I recently made was to wear MAC’s Face and Body Foundation everyday. For me, it serves as a tinted moisturizer. And it’s perfect for summer.

Since turning 40 (and during the lead up) my skin began changing. More splotches, less luminosity, greater dryness.

I’m very lucky to have been one of those people to whom others say: you have such great skin. And now I feel like I took it for granted. I’m sorry skin. You were outstanding.

During the summer months, until last year, I went bare-faced. I added a dusting of MAC’s blot powder but that was it. I didn’t even think much about it.

Now I look kind of unwell without makeup. A bare-faced look isn’t something I can pull of naturally anymore.

Le sigh.

Brown spots need covering, enlarged pores need masking and annoying splotches need camouflage.

I sweat a lot. I ride a bike every day. And I work out. How on earth could I use makeup on my face? (I’m not, and will never be, one of those people who does their face in the bathroom at work. I do it at home or not at all.)

Enter MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.

I honestly can’t remember where I first read about the launch of this new foundation but it seems to have become available in May 2015.

I kept reading about it. Then I began obsessing about it. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube video reviews about it. And they’re pretty much unanimous in their opinion: this is a brilliant product.

So I picked up a sample last week. I wasn’t entirely ready to shell out $38 for a foundation I was planning on wearing everyday without giving it a test run.

The MAC person – as they often do – put way too much on my face when I visited for a sample. Lilli (the sales assistant/makeup artist) was outstanding with her help and advice however. And kept telling me how amazing it looked on my skin. The colour match looked SO tan. I was skeptical.

When I got home I washed my face and applied the foundation myself with a damp Beauty Blender. I didn’t bother with primer or serum. It looked pretty good.

The next day I applied the foundation fresh along with MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer (my new favourite concealer). I used MAC’s Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion, some Paula’s Choice stuff, MAC Strobe cream and my sunscreen. My face looked amazing.

I couldn’t stop checking myself out.

I cycled to work. I went to the gym. I SWEATED.

And my skin still looked good. Yes, there were a couple of salty sweat stains on either cheek but they were easily rubbed away.

I worried that my good skin was just a fluke. But it continued to look good for three days. And then I bought the full-sized tube.

In all the videos I’ve watched on YouTube the foundation has been applied liberally. I use a tiny amount of foundation and a tiny amount of concealer.

I highly recommend this foundation but please apply it sparingly. It also sets quite quickly so don’t dot it all over your face and blend. Put a bit on your face and blend then move on to another part of your face and do the same.

I don’t use a powder with this foundation. MAC did release a Pro Longwear powder which is also waterproof. I’d advise against wearing both if you want a natural look. This foundation is described as a medium to full coverage and some reviewers have said you need to be careful not to over-apply because your face will look cakey.

I tried hard to take a decent photo of myself wearing the foundation but I managed to look like a total twit in all the photos. This is the best of the bunch. Hopefully it gives you some indication of the finish.

And it really looks a lot better in person.

Liz Hover beauty blog Canada Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation review

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