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NYX creme blush Real Techniques stippling brush

As the summer months have passed by, I realise I’ve been using the same few things every day but haven’t written about them here. So here goes.

After bemoaning the NYX Rouge Cream Blush in a previous post, I decided to give it another go. I had a brain wave with the application.

Using fingers to apply this stuff was terrible. And a regular blusher brush was a disaster.

I had picked up the Real Techniques Stippling Brush from Walmart earlier this year to use with liquid foundation.

It’s a great brush (around $10 CA / £12 from Boots). I loved using it for foundation but it ended up being much quicker to apply foundation with the good ‘ole Beauty Blender which I’ve just begun using dry and loving!

Anyway, I gave the stippling blush a spin with the cream blush and it was perfect! I dip the brush lightly in the blush a couple of times then swirl it around on my cheeks. Colour looks evenly distributed and lasts all day.

MAC 217 Blending BrushThis unimpressive looking brush is the MAC 217 Blending Brush $25 CA /  £20) which just about every beauty blogger I’ve read or watched has recommended.

I use it all the time which is becoming a problem because I use more than one colour so everything just gets smushed together. I need to get another 217.

It’s just a really easy-to-use tool for eye shadow.

NYX HD Loose Finishing Powder I apply a tinsy winsy bit of powder to my face every day (Wayne Goss once referred to it as ‘a whisper of powder.’) A little bit on my forehead, eyelids, under the eye, nose and chin.

And this literally has to do with my age. My skin just looks bad with overall powder. It also looks really unnatural – if that’s the look you’re going for, that’s fine but it’s not a look that works well for me.

Including this NYX HD Loose Finishing Powder ($10 CA / £9.50), I have three loose powders in regular rotation. I reached for this one when the weather started to get really hot because I didn’t want to sweat in colour – the other two powders I have are flesh toned. This powder did the trick.

A word of caution: if you have flaky skin, this stuff will accentuate it.

Paula's Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50

I use an SPF moisturizer every day. And this one from Paula’s Choice is lovely.

Like the name suggests, Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50 isn’t super heavy or greasy and it doesn’t make my face white. You can use it on your face and body and it’s great for working out because it doesn’t run down your face in white streams when you sweat (this happened to me twice last week with another SPF).

I tried out samples of this stuff then recently ordered the full-sized tube. It’s also very water resistant so great for swimming or the beach.

I have a special code which gives you $10 off your Paula’s Choice order. If you’re ready to buy something from Paula’s Choice, use this link.

LipsI’m already on my second tube of Rimmel’s Stay Glossy in the colour Captivate Me (above, top). I wear it every day without fail. It’s just a great, cheap summer lip gloss.

Oddly, I can’t find it on their Canadian website anymore, so no link. I think I got my last tube for $5 CA. A total bargain.

When I fancy a bit more colour, I use Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. I have this stuff in two colours. Another great summer lip.

Both are super wearable and would look great on all skin tones / colours.

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