Liz Hover

I’m Liz Hover – a 40-something Brit who moved to Canada from London, England in 2003.

I’ve always loved makeup. From about the age of 13 I wanted to be a makeup artist but I chose a different path. And that’s okay.

During my teenage years I was a goth and a punk so makeup was always a huge part of facing the world.

I live in Winnipeg, Canada where the weather vacillates between extreme heat and extreme cold. Very different from London town where I lived before coming to Canada.

Canadian weather forced me to make radical changes to my skin and makeup routines.

Having always been someone who couldn’t leave the house without a fully made-up face, about five years ago I started wearing less and less makeup until I was virtually bare faced. I also started working out and riding a bike a lot. And I sweat.

When I hit 40 my face started changing and doing odd things and I was looking for a way to disguise those changes. This led to a sort of makeup and skincare renaissance.

So here I am. Forty (one) and feeling like a teenager let loose in the cosmetics department again. Oh, and with the added challenge of a crazy climate which truly fucks with your skin.

This blog is my exploration of that process.