As I make my way through this beauty blogging thing I’m coming across some very entertaining and smart bloggers. I figured I’d put them here and recommend you check them out. This list will grow as I find more fabulous folks to follow. Descriptions are lifted from the authors.

Cheap as Fuck

On Cheap as Fuck, Lyn writes about good stuff that doesn’t cost an assload and reviews of beauty products and other shit that the she’s tried and can vouch for.

Beauty and the Bullshit

On Beauty and the Bullshit an ex-insider dishes all the bullshit behind beauty.

Vivianna Does Makeup

Twenty-something Anna is the makeup maven, product pusher and lacquer lover behind Vivianna Does Makeup; serving up a daily dose of all things beauty with a side order of wit. She’s friendly and frank and delivers a compulsive guide to cosmetics with an editorial edge.