I’m a big fan of non-fragrant plant oils.

I use them on my face all year round but step it up in winter. Canadian winters in Winnipeg are super harsh. Temperatures fall as low as minus 40 and I rely heavily on plant oils to grease up my skin. Oils are a staple in my skin care routine.

I have very dry skin in winter which tends to go red and flakes a lot. I’ve yet to find anything that truly rids me of my scales but oils make it more manageable.

I typically add five or six drops of oil to my moisturizer morning and night. And during the day I wear liquid foundation over top. My face generally stays oily all day (that’s the intention to protect it from the indoor heating and extreme cold.)

The folks at Eden’s Semilla, a US company, sent me two of their oils to review. Organic jojoba and a vitamin E blend.

The company sells a small range of non-fragrant plant oils and essential oils along with a few targeted serums. But their organic jojoba seems to be their flagship product.

As someone who’s anal about ingredient lists on skincare products, I was a bit disappointed they fail to provide a simple, comprehensive list of ingredients for each item on their website. They need to add a tab to each product with this information. It would deter me from buying this blind.

I’ve tried numerous brands of plant oils and honestly haven’t noticed that one is better than another.

I liked a lot about the Eden’s Semilla oils. You get a lot of product for your money. The oils also come with a great dropper and are in brown bottles to protect the gentle ingredients from sunlight.

Jojoba Oil | 120ml | certified organic

This is a lovely oil.

I was really impressed that the bottle comes with a stopper as well as a twist off lid. Plant oils need to be stored away from light and heat and this was a well thought out addition.

I was about to throw away the box when I discovered the dropper that comes with it! Absolute bonus points for this. I reuse old bottles and droppers because the jojoba I regularly buy doesn’t come with one. And this is a really nice sized dropper.

The oil is rich and feels great on my skin. Great product all round.

Vitamin E Oil + Organic Rosehip & Jojoba Blend | 120ml

This is a wonderful blend of safflower, wheatgerm, sunflower, sweet almond, apricot, avocado, jojoba and rosehip. An impressive combination.

Not all of the ingredients here are organic. Only the jojoba and rosehip are organic. This isn’t a deal breaker but I would prefer organic.

But, according to Paula’s choice, this doesn’t matter.

I’ve been using the vitamin E blend morning and night for about two weeks and love it. Because you get so many great oils in one bottle here, I totally recommend this for dry, dehydrated winter skin.

• • •

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t remind you about a post I wrote on essential oils. Don’t put them on your face! Essential oils are fragrant. The oils I reviewed above are non-fragrant.

This post was sponsored by Eden’s Semilla. This post contains no affiliate links, and all opinions are my own.