Above: OPI Kiss Me or Elf – a rich purple-pink shimmer

I have a long ‘wish list’ of nail polish. It’s embarrassing how long it is. I have the list in an unpublished post on this blog so you’ll get to see it one of these days.

Included in that list are many nail polishes that aren’t widely available in the shops because they were part of a seasonal line from several years ago.

Yes, I can get them online but I don’t fancy paying a silly amount for them. So I live in the hope I’ll somehow magically come across them.

Well, today I felt a little bit of that magic.

I was out of shower gel and I like to go to Marshall’s or Winners (UK readers: these stores are exactly like TK Maxx) and buy a mammoth-sized bottle at a discounted price.

Off I trotted to Marshall’s beauty section only to discover a whole shelf of (mostly) OPI polishes.

I usually check out Marshall’s and Winners a couple of times a month because their stock changes constantly. And Marshall’s nail polish selection – up until today – had been pretty thin on the ground.

I’m fairly certain I let out an audible squeal when I spotted OPI Visions of Love (photos coming soon – a beautiful, deep red-brown).

And sitting a few bottles away was OPI Kiss Me or Elf. Another colour I have on my list but have never seen in stores. Both bottles $8 each.

Joy oh joy!

And to compensate for the unexpected spending, I found me a body wash for $3.


(Husband not as delighted as me.)

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German-icure OPI nail polish

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been up since 2 a.m. (I am blessed with tummy issues) so I did what any self-respecting gal would do in the same situation: I painted my nails.

German-icure is one of my favourite OPI colours. Kind of a deep red/copper/brown shimmer.

I only have a teeny tiny bottle of the stuff. I’ve never seen the full-sized bottle in stores.

In fact, this colour was on my nail polish ‘want’ list for ages when, one day, I was riffling through a big jar of miniature OPI polishes in a hair salon. I thought the colour looked similar to German-icure but no name was listed on the bottle so I bought it anyway. It was only $3 or something. How could I not?

When I got home, I Googled what looked like a serial number on the bottom of the bottle and, lo and behold, it was indeed German-icure.

I know I can get the full-sized bottle online but I’m not a huge online shopper (yet).

It’s a bit of a bugger to apply because the brush is small and not like the regular OPI polish brushes which are nice and wide. But I’ll take it!